We participate with our dogs in beauty contests at home and abroad, so chances are that you will meet our dogs at a dog show. Rottweilers are real working dogs and that is why I.P.O. is regularly on the agenda. I.P.O. (Internationale Prüfungs Ordnung) is a sport for working dog breeds and consists of three parts: catching or defense work, tracking and obedience.


Our Rottweilers live both indoors and outdoors. They are part of the family and live among children, cats and other dogs.


All our dogs have an FCI pedigree and are tested extensively before being bred. The hips and elbows are checked for dysplasia and the heart is also examined. In addition, we also tests for JLPP (Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis and Polyneuropathy), an inherited disorder that affects the nerves. By testing whether the parents can transmit these disorders, we prevent the puppies from getting the disorders.


The ideal dog does not exist, but we breed exclusively with animals that will receive healthy and stable offspring. Character and health therefore play a decisive role. In addition, the dog must, of course, comply with the breed standard. The pedigrees are also thoroughly checked before a final choice is made.


The puppies grow up in our living room. They learn to get used to all the obvious things in a normal household. The dogs learn to deal with children, cats and other dogs at a young age.